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We specialise in property and real estate and are committed to helping our students build the fundamental blocks needed for their future careers and businesses. This means we are always at the forefront of innovative digital training and communication solutions. It enables us to bring the latest thinking, tech and techniques to the ever-changing challenges faced by real estate professionals and the industry. To put it simply, we partner with business owners and real estate professionals in sales and property management to help them build a brand that sets them apart from others.


We created the REA Academy so that everyone has access to learn the most important skills and lessons in life regarding their life and financial decisions. We create life-changing opportunities to learn by delivering an extensive range of educational services to wide range of people.


REA ACADEMY invests time and training into their customer. If you are thinking of a new career change, love helping people, making a difference, have the morals, ethics and vision that REA ACADEMY are constantly reflecting, the opportunities are endless. Contact us today to discuss how we provide service.


REA Academy continues to serve via Digital Learning, as well as Live events at our space friendly Amphitheatre and other venues where possible in line with the very latest Government recommendations.


Our publications provide a cost effective, high quality print solution to professionally market your listings, open for inspections and your brand. We have been producing real estate magazines from which you can get a lot of information regarding real estate updates.


We specialise in property and real estate and we are regularly organizing the seminars to help our customers and clients to build the fundamental blocks needed for their future careers and businesses.


Grow your business with high-quality videos with creative concepts and your own branding. Get started with traditionally, creating beautiful and effective videos.

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About Our Business.

Experienced training staff and comprehensive recognized business. Our team commits to provide you with the very best videos, networking, courses and support all the way through. We offer guidance for all our members in current real estate practice.

  • Meet property experts
  • Get all the support your business need

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We have big networking on the real estate industry. We have a talented team behind all the technologies and projects that makes all the real difference on the REA Academy. The result is more knowledgeable team that will give you the continuity in service and savings.

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Business Pricing Plan.

We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and moments.


AUD Per Month
  • Creative, self explanatory videos that will enhance the customer experience and save your team time and efforts.


AUD Per Month
  • 85% of the consumer market in Real Estate is visual. Get the creative heads at REA ACADEMY to conceptualise, produce a quality 120sec video.


AUD Per Month
  • Your network is your Networth' Warren Buffet. A true fact that very few follow. Be part of a multi billion dollar industry and meet and greet some of the finest in the industry.


AUD Per Month
  • In the world of entertainment your audiences across the world and AUSTRALIA want to experience real stories from all cultures, backgrounds, brands and individuals.